Thursday, 27 October 2011

Impact of Pedagogic Research!

Yesterday we held a highly successful event concerning the Impact of Pedagogic Research, where we launched our Impact of Pedagogic Research guide and showcased inspirational teaching from members of staff in the PRF. The place was full and we had talks from members of the PRF and the Pro VC (student experience) who stated that it was immensely important that we allow the time to reflect on our teaching and develop our teaching through pedagogic research whether informally or formally. The value of forums like the PRF are increasingly important to support our development through a supportive community of practice.
see the guide here
and the PRF here

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Free learning platform from Pearson and Google

A free learning management system from education giant Pearson and internet giant Google.
"OpenClass, a free LMS that combines standard course-management tools with advanced social networking and community-building, and an open architecture that allows instructors to import whatever material they want, from e-books to YouTube videos."

The program will be available via Google apps for education which is becoming increasingly popular in schools and colleges, due its free and user friendly nature. It could potentially save universities and colleges a lot of money that currently goes towards expensive and not very user friendly VLE's
Another useful  tool for the 21st century learner!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

And the award for best lecturer goes to....

"Its about time good teaching was recognised in HE as a valuable commodity. there are enough student surveys and websites criticising lecturers, so I'm very glad to see the Student Led Teaching Awards  making the news.

This idea has been implemented by the Higher Education Academy  and is a very worthwhile activity to help recognise good teaching when and where its happens. we want lecturers to feel recognised for their good work, because its not an easy job that just seems to get harder every year. The criteria mentioned is quite interesting as an example of what good teachers do.

  "the criteria for which an award was made – enthusiasm, feedback and the ability to prompt questions and critical thinking."

not only is the recognition a encouraging boost for the really good lecturers, who can feel disheartened in todays economic climate but it also has;

"unexpected benefits, strengthening a sense of community on campus, empowering students and making them reflect on their learning."

I am now looking forward to this being implemented in my university as we already have a cadre of dedicated teachers who work with the pedagogic research forum to improve their teaching, but don't get enough credit from their colleagues or management.  

See our impact guides for examples of inspirational teaching 

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Putting student engagement at the heart of HE

Student engagement is a popular topic at the moment, especially with the increased fees. but what is it and how do you know you are doing it right?  What with the HEA and QAA putting their two pennyworth in, at least you have a place to start.

The guardian has a live chat scheduled for  Friday October 14 "we will bring together a panel composed of some of the people trying to answer these questions and others. Join us from 12pm to 2pm to identify the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead as well as to share what student engagement looks like at your own institution."

Join the debate and voice your views!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

New learners of the 21st century!

A good blog and short video on new learners of the 21st century.
Key points are embracing change, learning to join (there is usually already a community of practice to join.) and the power of play.