Monday, 4 July 2011

Review of Pedagogic Research Forum network day, SIG event

Despite a small turnout, the event was a sucess! we combined assessment and employability into one group and had elearning and delivery on another group. Interesting discussions (and rants) were had ;-) and it was found to be quite useful for all involved.

Quotes from participant feedback:

"Refreshing and stimulating, good mix of people and backgrounds"
"Excellent, we need to have these professional discussions on a regular basis"
"Great forum to discuss ideas, meet staff from other departments and hear what otherr research is going on in the university"
"A good idea, shame low turnout prevented it for working to its best, but did get some useful information!"

Fantastic feedback! the only downside is, it is always difficult to try an get large groups of people in one place at a particular time, but even more so over the summer. so the next time we plan an event we shall look at the most suitable time for the majority of atendees!

The next event that came out of this was a workshop on large group teaching techniques.
Watch this Space!

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