Thursday, 22 March 2012

PRF event on problem based learning and disability

We held a very interesting event on  problem based learning (PBL) and disability....

PBL enables students to learn better and absorb more. One of our PRF members Carolyn Gibbon has done excellent work with colleagues on a PBL toolkit.  The website is also building a directory of teachers demonstrating their use of PBL at various universities, please get in touch with them if you have something to share.  

With regards to disability "the university has a duty to inform staff appropriately of a students needs" is your system passive or active?  Do you just have names in a file or have you checked if your data is up to date and looked at the progress your students are making? It is very important that all students gain access to help when needed so don't let that file sit on a shelf. Some schools have meetings every other month to see what work needs doing and update their information and check on student progress. Don't do it alone! Share the workload and it will make life easier for all involved. 

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