Monday, 23 April 2012

Free universities?

In the age of increasing fees and sale of Higher Education , there has been another university set up that will offer courses for free as reported by the BBC ....

"The Social Science Centre (SSC) provides an opportunity for students and academics to have a very special co-operative experience of higher education. All courses at SSC are taught and assessed at the same level as similar courses in mainstream universities in the UK. The courses are taught by experienced academics, including professors and lecturers with national and international reputations based on the quality of their scholarship in the social sciences."

Our previous post commented on the Free university of Liverpool which is limited in the number of courses it offers but started admissions for its foundation degree last year. 

There are also plenty of online courses that offer their services for free the most famous being the OCW, and the most innovative being Udacity.

So despite some students being priced out of the market for formal degree courses there is plenty on offer for those who love to learn. The question now is will employers appreciate the new free courses if they develop and assess students as rigorously as the formal courses. If so then the more expensive elitist universities had better watch out!

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