Monday, 10 December 2012

VC's awards for excellence in learning and teaching

On Fri 7th Dec 2012 we celebrated the second annual Vice Chancellor's awards for excellence in teaching and learning. 

The awards were presented by Graham Baldwin (Deputy VC)  and Rod Dubrow-Marshall (Pro-VC Student Experience) 

Each School submitted the names of their Excellence in Teaching and Learning (ETL) award winners to the selection panel for the 2012 Vice-Chancellor’s Awards for Outstanding Practice in Teaching and Learning.
This year a total of nine awards were made in the five categories. In addition to the title, all category awards will receive £1,500, with the category E team awards receiving £2,000, to use for their development.

Category A – Excellence in teaching delivery and intellectual stimulation of students

Craig Atkinson – Art, Design & Performance
Craig facilitates UCLan students’ annual participation at the Leeds, Bristol and Glasgow international arts events which provide opportunities and experience of: working in a professional industrial context; networking with artists, galleries and collectors; and, selling work to major international gallery and museum collections, including the Tate Library Special Collection.

Dorota Marsh – Lancashire Business School
Students on Dorota’s programme are given real life experiences, intellectual challenge and valuable summative and formative feedback. The students experience is international on more than one dimension; through structured appreciative engagement with peers, through the curriculum and through direct interaction with domestic and overseas organisations at a senior level, as well as structured international trips.

Category B – Innovation in teaching and assessment

Debbie Williams – School of Journalism
Debbie has successfully designed a teaching project programme that involves students from many diverse disciplines and programmes across the University, in a truly collaborative multi-disciplinary approach, working together to produce a final ‘product’. Co-ordination of this ‘meta-project’ was through the University's RWE (Realistic Working Environment) in publishing.

Mark Gilbert – PG Medical and Dental
Mark has designed and built a virtual Clinical Skills Training School which allows connection to students across the UK; encourages the exchange of ideas to develop practice development; and allows students to engage as partners In assessment settings. Future developments look to provide a ‘mindspace’ for dental health care professionals, and for this virtual school to be exported internationally.

Category C – Best practice to improve student progression and performance

Rod Train – Sport, Tourism & The Outdoors
Rod has already been recognised for being the ‘Most Supportive Tutor’ in the Students Union Teaching Awards. Rod continues to provide students with a variety of opportunities  This includes working with Team Spirit in Saddleworth; events such as ‘The Great Egg Race’ and ‘Accumulator’; raising money for the Harris Bursary though events such as Fire Walking, an Easter Fair, a Brass Band  concert, as well as a ‘meet the buyer’ event for corporate customers.
Health Team - Pauline Wood, Sarla Ghandi, Mandy Dunbar, Yvonne Thompson (External), Glenys Harley (External)
This project was developed to address a gap in support for health students with disabilities experiencing learning in practice placement settings.  Following extensive scoping, a cross school team liaised with practice, university disability services and students to facilitate a unique approach. A student self-assessment tool was developed together with a process map detailing the student’s journey. A best practice guide gives clarity to the process and the benefits of disclosure for students, academic and practice staff.

Category D – Excellence in research informed learning and teaching

Rob Smith – Forensic & Investigative Sciences
Rob’s junior research programme has led to a number of collaborations externally with a number of universities. In one case this led to a particular student being offered PhD Scholarships. The research generated has fed into successful peer-reviewed publications and grant applications. Some of the data gathered has also been used to generate industrial collaborations with international biotechnology companies.

Category E – Creation of a superlative student experience overall (team award)

CEPS Team - Nicky Danino, Lesley May, Nick Mitchell
The development of a four week challenge for students (4WC) was undertaken to suggest techniques to enable improved attendance, retention and student motivation. This initiative has had a very positive effect on retention rates of first year students in its first year of operation. The initiative has also been commended by the BCS (British Computer Society) during an accreditation visit for its ‘innovative way of providing the students with  continuity and moral support through daily teaching, learning and support sessions at the start of the students’ programmes’.

Lancashire Student Support Team - Andrea Lee, Vicky Jackson, Lisa Winder, Dawn Parr, Lynne Gornall
The strength of this initiative lies in the combination of bespoke academic support for Business administrative support and, close student contact. Also, there is a clear location and brand identity to assist student awareness and identity. Staff have commented that the LBS student support team provides an excellent service within the School that can respond to students needs, which is often the difference between a student leaving the university and staying on and getting their degree.

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